Yin Says We Won’t Starve


I came across this inspiring story from ASJA’s blog and wanted to pass along the positive words. Sandra Yin left a lucrative corporate law job to write poetry. She also wrote about career transition, which ultimately led to a new and more rewarding one.

This is exactly the sort of message I needed to hear today. That transitory time where we stand on the diving board, ready and wanting to leap, but scared to leave our safe spot for fear of landing wrong, hitting our head and ending up in a worse spot than before, drained of our resources and forced to live in a box, is an unpleasant place to be! I have leapt before and landed just fine, with work so rewarding it didn’t matter what day of the week it was, because they were all good. Now, I’m opting to wade in. Time will tell if this approach is successful or if I get antsy and jump in anyway.

Happy Friday! Here is the link.

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