Welsh Business Destroyed by a Spelling Error

One missing letter led to the demise of a 125-year old Welsh family business. An article in an Australian newspaper reports that the government recorded Cardiff engineering firm Taylor & Sons Ltd. as wound up. However, it was actually another company, Taylor & Son, that had gone under. By the time the government caught and tried to fix the error, the damage had been done. Read more about the benefits of proofreading here.

…As an aside, I once sent a letter of introduction to a marketing/PR agency with the contact’s last name misspelled. Doh! When he wrote me back, he said he may have a project coming up I could help with, and by the way, you spelled my name wrong. Our clients won’t tolerate such mistakes. Yikes! I did end up doing some work with the firm, so it wasn’t a fatal mistake, but I stayed on pins and needles!

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