More Money in Less Time—Believe It!

Last week I attended an ASJA teleconference led by Jennifer Fink on “How to Make More Money in Less Time.” Jennifer, a registered nurse-turned-freelance writer, increased her income nearly five-fold in five years. Fink shared tips on how to work more efficiently and how to prioritize our time, both of which can free us up to spend more quality time writing and, thus, make more money.

What struck me was how some of her tips on how to move forward in our careers paralleled spiritual prosperity laws that I’ve been studying recently. I doubt she had this mind when she prepared her talk!

First, Jennifer suggested that whether through professional organizations or by attending conferences, we should surround ourselves with other successful writers. When we focus on creating abundance in our lives, we should create an atmosphere of abundance. For example, if you are working toward a six-figure income and you’ve never had that sort of salary before, surround yourself with people who are at that level. You will rise up to meet them. This doesn’t mean ditch your friends if they earn less money than you, but it does mean expand your circle. Ditto for sprucing up your living environment: clear out the clutter, donate or toss those clothes with the stains and the holes, and keep your wallet organized. These and other practices clear the way for money to come in.

Another seemingly simple nugget of advice Jennifer gave was to identify your best paying work and go after more of it. Meanwhile, do less of the work that earns you the least. Don’t settle for crap writing gigs. Sounds simple, right? If we put our attention on the crap gigs, what are we going to get? More crap gigs. Sometimes we have to take a few lower-paying projects. Maybe we’re early on in our career or we’ve hit a dry spell. But let the crap gigs be the exception rather than the rule. Aim high!

The principles of abundance teach us to expand our consciousness to envision a greater life for ourselves—and believe that we can have it! The universe is limitless in its abundance; as so, our lives. We can go beyond our peers and our parents. Our past does not have to determine our future. Imagine the very best and know you can achieve it.

Jennifer also advised her listeners to keep marketing, even when we’re busy. Continue to focus on building our careers and moving forward, even when we’ve earned our “nut” for the month. Whether consciously or unconsciously, when we see that we’ve earned enough to cover our expenses, we may slack off in our pursuit of new business. Why not go beyond? We don’t have to settle for just enough. We can work toward something greater: financial freedom!

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