Freelance Reporting

My professional writing career started with writing for magazines and newspapers. Over the years, I’ve interviewed hundreds, if not thousands, of people, from celebrities and Grammy Award-winning record producers to Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners and regular people with interesting stories.

I’m exacting with my research, know how to ask sources the right questions and absolutely know how to write an informative, interesting story that’s error-free and—most importantly—on time.

Take a gander at a few writing samples below.

Innovating Regulation: FDA’s PreCert Pilot Program
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, August 28, 2017

FCPA Continues to Keep a Sharp Eye on Medtech
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, February 17, 2017

Aging Gluten Free: As the population ages, assisted-living facilities and nursing homes have to accommodate more residents with celiac disease. Are they prepared?
Gluten-Free Living, Holiday Issue 2016

7 Ways to Strengthen Your Mental Game
REI Trail Run Project, December 1, 2016

Data Driven: The “Big Data” movement has revolutionized the retail sector, financial services, and healthcare. Can it do the same for running?
RRCA, Club Running, Winter 2016

Chicked: Why aren’t men keeping pace with women in event participation?
RRCA, Club Running, Fall 2015

Why Runners Should Train Like Triathletes: variety can improve your performance.
Runner’s World’s Zelle, August 2015

You’ve Got Nerve: Therapies rooted in neuroscience aim to promote injury healing.
Running Times, July 2015

Just Du It: Add variety to your training and give your running a boost with duathlon.
Triathlete magazine, July 2015


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