Freelance Reporting

My professional writing career started with writing for magazines and newspapers. Over the years, I’ve interviewed hundreds, if not thousands, of people, from celebrities and Grammy Award-winning record producers to Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners and regular people with interesting stories.

I’m exacting with my research and know how to ask sources the right questions. I deliver informative, interesting articles that are a breeze to edit and—most importantly—on time.

Take a gander at a few writing samples below.

Turning Surgeons into Innovators Without Taking Them Out of the OR
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, June 6, 2018

Why are Devices the Last-in-Line Treatment for Chronic Pain?
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, February 26, 2018

Innovating Regulation: FDA’s PreCert Pilot Program
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, August 28, 2017

FCPA Continues to Keep a Sharp Eye on Medtech
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, February 17, 2017

Aging Gluten Free: As the population ages, assisted-living facilities and nursing homes have to accommodate more residents with celiac disease. Are they prepared?
Gluten-Free Living, Holiday Issue 2016

7 Ways to Strengthen Your Mental Game
REI Trail Run Project, December 1, 2016

Data Driven: The “Big Data” movement has revolutionized the retail sector, financial services, and healthcare. Can it do the same for running?
RRCA, Club Running, Winter 2016

Chicked: Why aren’t men keeping pace with women in event participation?
RRCA, Club Running, Fall 2015

Why Runners Should Train Like Triathletes: variety can improve your performance.
Runner’s World’s Zelle, August 2015

You’ve Got Nerve: Therapies rooted in neuroscience aim to promote injury healing.
Running Times, July 2015

Just Du It: Add variety to your training and give your running a boost with duathlon.
Triathlete magazine, July 2015


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