3 Freelance Horror Stories

A colleague of mine needed “freelance horror stories.” Wouldn’t you know, one of mine made the cut! Spooky!

More Money in Less Time—Believe It!

A “Make more money in less time” teleseminar provided good business tips and, whether the host knew it or not, for a prosperous life.

Do You Want to Get Paid by the Page?

Starting July 1, Amazon will start paying some of its self-published authors by pages read rather than copies sold (or borrowed, if we’re talking about Kindle). This is an odd concept that could potentially hurt earnings for children’s book authors, who tend to write shorter works, but would benefit thriller and mystery authors, whose readers… Continue Reading

Is Your Fact Check Motivated by Fear?

In the wake of the Rolling Stone rape story, its retraction, and Columbia School of Journalism’s excellent analysis of the many ways Rolling Stone and journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdely went wrong, Monica Guzman wrote about fear and fact-checking for Columbia Journalism Review. She raises some strong points. Journalists fear big mistakes (and little mistakes, too),… Continue Reading

Headlines: Will You Keep Reading Now?


Headlines are not my strong suit. Every article I write has to have a headline, and I struggle to create something snappy and relevant almost every time. This means more than 15 years of headline struggle and probably thousands of words wrestled out of my brain in hopes of finding the ultimate catchy phrase that… Continue Reading

Too Many Hyphens

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In one of my favorite movies ever, Amadeus, a king tells Mozart that his latest opera contained “too many notes.” “Just cut a few,” the monarch said. Of course that did not go over well with the genius composer. As writers, we often cut a few words, or even a lot of words, to the benefit… Continue Reading

Webinar Recap: Writing for the “Christian” Market


Writer’s Digest recently offered a free webinar titled “How to Land High Paying Writing Gigs in the Christian Market.” Presented by American Writers & Artists Inc., the webinar covered everything from the skills needed to succeed in the Christian business market, to writing and copywriting opportunities available, to tips on how to break in. I’m… Continue Reading

Webinar Recap: Build Your Platform

Yesterday I listened to a webinar presented by Writer’s Digest titled “Build Your Author Platform Online: How to Build a Content-Rich Website that Builds a Massive Fan Base.” Author and copywriter Nick Usborne, in conjunction with American Writers and Artists Inc., hosted the hour-long webinar. I learned a wealth (pun intended!) of great information and… Continue Reading

Yin Says We Won’t Starve

Howdy, I came across this inspiring story from ASJA’s blog and wanted to pass along the positive words. Sandra Yin left a lucrative corporate law job to write poetry. She also wrote about career transition, which ultimately led to a new and more rewarding one. This is exactly the sort of message I needed to… Continue Reading