How Do You Explain Artificial Intelligence?

As part of its commitment to supporting innovation as well as safety and effectiveness, the FDA has been giving artificial intelligence (AI) a lot of attention over the past few years. One topic of discussion centers on transparency and explainability: it’s important to have it, but how do you do it? And how do you… Continue Reading

Webinar Recap: Digital Therapeutics: Optimizing Your Commercial Strategy

  Digital therapeutics (DTx) are becoming a valuable component of pharma’s development and commercialization strategies. When done right, they can help improve drug efficacy and provide valuable support for people with complex, chronic conditions. Biofourmis, a data analytics company, brought together digital health experts from Roche, Capgemini, and its own subject matter expert to discuss… Continue Reading

Webinar Recap: Risks Facing Writers From AB5


This week Reform California, a 527 political action committee that fights things like tax hikes, held a webinar around AB5. Writers and other independent contractors have heard their fill on AB5 over the past year. Social media is full of groups against AB5 and personal accounts of people who have lost work due to AB5…. Continue Reading

Reflections on Six Years of Business

Exactly six years ago today, I put my head down on my desk and bawled. I wasn’t crying a long, snotty cry because I didn’t have any super-fun holiday plans (though it didn’t help). I cried because I had reached a breaking point. I felt stuck in a dead-end job that was making me miserable,… Continue Reading

I Want You to Meet My Team

  The coronavirus pandemic has left more than 30 million Americans out of work and many more either furloughed or underemployed. Small businesses, including micro-small businesses of one (aka independent contractors), are either closing up shop or praying their Economic Injury Disaster Loan goes through. In California, we’ve been sheltering in place since March 17…. Continue Reading