About OWB

I launched OutWord Bound Communications in 1999 in Nashville. Back then, I worked on a lime green iMac G3, had an AOL account, and wrote for trade mags and local weeklies.

Now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I work on a MacBook Pro. That AOL account is long gone. And I spend my days partnering with established brands and fast-paced startups to produce everything from white papers to email copy on a variety of interesting topics.

Why work with me? Here are a few reasons:

photo of Heather R. Johnson

Deep experience in healthcare and health technology

Unlike copywriters who dabble in many industries, I have written almost exclusively about and for healthcare, medical device, and life sciences companies since 2014.

I’ve collaborated with known names such as McKesson, Cardinal Health, and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center; SaaS companies such as Phreesia, Apixio, and CareRev, mid-size and large CROs, and many others.

I’ve written about advances in neurology, rare disease, and dermatology clinical trials; unique business issues faced by ASCs; and new developments in AI, interoperability, bioanalysis, wearable medical devices, SaMD, and digital therapeutics. I’ve even written about plastic bags!

Why is this important?

Because I’m not scrambling to figure out your market, I can focus on creating responsive, engaging content, as well as strategy that provides real value. And don’t you want to know how they make plastic bags?

A sharp copywriter

Even after 20+ years, I continually look for ways to “sharpen the saw.” In early 2021 I completed AMWA’s Essential Skills certificate program. And I regularly study up on copywriting, SEO, inbound marketing, content marketing, and even creative writing.

Why does this matter?

Because you’re guaranteed high-quality copy that gets results. Have you ever hired a writer who gave you a sloppy, error-ridden draft, five days late? That’s so not me.

I started in journalism, which means an ingrained respect for accuracy, originality and—most importantly—deadlines. Your copy will be on time or early. And while you’re juggling hundreds of things, I’m focused on one thing. Your content.

An athlete mindset

In my other life, I’m a competitive athlete. Many years of training and racing have given me intense focus, commitment, grit, and drive.

Why should you care?

Because it means I know the value of teamwork and can work solo for long periods of time. I’m excited by setting and achieving goals (including yours) and by helping you not just get to the finish line, but stand on the podium.

Who, me?

Born in Akron, Ohio and raised in Nashville, I moved to San Francisco with my cat, Soleil, on April Fool’s Day 2003. Rooted in Oakland since 2008, you can often find me running or riding through the Oakland hills…sometimes for long periods of time.

I also volunteer with CatTown, a nonprofit that helps Oakland’s most vulnerable shelter cats. When I work from home, my own rescue kitty, Geoff, is usually sleeping beside me. He makes frequent appearances on video calls, just so you know.

Ready to get started? Get in touch.