I’m on Twitter!

Better late than never: I signed up for a Twitter account in 2012 and started using it..last week!

I thought it was silly. I didn’t think I had anything to say that needed to be so immediate. But I’m realizing the value of Twitter. It can help me find sources, find information, connect with other writers, connect with people from other industries. (At least that’s what I hear anyway!) LinkedIn has been so valuable in helping me find experts for the small business articles that I write. I recently posed a question on Facebook for an article I’m researching and got loads of great feedback. So even though I’m a little late to the Twitter game, I’m embracing social media. Mostly. I still don’t get the food pictures, and I’m not inclined to share every detail of my life via the computer.

So for anyone out in this big wide world that is so inclined, follow me @HeatherRae71.

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