Heather is out of the office. Meow.

SoleilatWorkHello/Meow. I’m Soleil. I am filling in for the person that feeds me today. She said (yes, I can understand her. Cats are smarter than you think.) that she’s overworked and overstressed these days and asked me to fill in for her while she rests. No wonder, she only sleeps about seven hours, and at night, no less! She should take my advice and sleep at least 16 hours a day—preferably in the sun, curled into a ball. I also told her to eat catnip, but she didn’t listen. Oh well, more for me.

I didn’t know how to respond to all of those e-mails. I deleted most of them, including that one with the red exclamation point. Another one said something about an assignment. I wrote back “Hissssss…” I hope that’s okay.

I must be a decent assistant because she asked me to write this blog. She said I could write about anything. Meow! So I think I’ll get something off of my chest. I want to hang out on the roof, but that person that feeds me won’t let me. Every day I try. If I’m really quick, I can bolt out the door, file my claws on the hallway carpet, and run up the stairs to the door to the roof before she catches me. Once, I made it. Nice views up there! I could see the Oakland hills, even the humongous Mormon temple. The birds looked really yummy. Some day I will outsmart her and escape again. Until then, I will fuss with the paper bag full of—whoopee!—cat food.

Whew! This blogging is work. I think I need to lay down now. The person that feeds me will be back soon. Thank God. It’s a lot easier to just put my head on the keyboard than to actually use it. Paws make for slow typing.

— Soleil

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